Philippine Scam

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  1. Thanks Friponne for putting this together

    no more eBay or paypal for me

    i really want to do something to warn other new sellers not to fall into this cheap trick of the*@#!* scammer
    yes losing the bag is upsetting enough but the feeling of being scammed is horrible

    this person used the same method and the shipping address has always been in that area. to me it seems like the same person
  2. I've been following this. It seems like its a well thought out and planned scam.
  3. i feel for the victims but this wouldn't have happened if they had refused to ship to an unconfirmed address -- there is a good reason why paypal advises against it. in any event, i hope this scumbag is caught.
  4. I wasn't aware this guy had scammed so many people before..we should all get together and do something about it. I was so stupid to fall for it. I thought it was sweet that he wanted to buy his wife a present (I had actually offered him a wallet as well, but he refused for some reason which is weird since he was planning to scam me anyway!).

    People like this make me sick.
  5. Oh No! I hope you gals file a police report. All these scamming is getting to be ridiculous!
  6. You are not stupid, you are kind and please do not be bitter about it. You are a good honest person and the buyer is a lying, cheating, scammer.
  7. im from the philippines and buy authentic designer bags off eBay with no problems. people like this really do give us a bad rep. i'm so sorry this happened to you
  8. That sounds like it may be the same scammer! That's terrible! Were the items insured? Time to get interpol involved
  9. A couple of years ago when I was just starting to sell on eBay and before I was a member of tPF I was scammed out of a Louis Vuitton Suhali purse from someone from the Phililppines. I lost $1500 and my purse. Never again will I sell to someone without a confirmed/verified address. I learned my lesson the hard way.
  10. wahhh hope not everyones that strict...i ask sellers if they would allow me to pay via paypal and just send the item to whoever is coming back here in the philippines...they can even check my feedback rating since i've made a couple of purchases from the states :sad: just frustrated with the paypal unconfirmed address thing when it comes to asian countries
  11. sellers have no choice if a buyer wants to use paypal. most of the stores i have dealt with in the us will only ship to the billing address so it's really not an unreasonable rule. buyers without unconfirmed addresses can use another form of payment (international money order, wire transfer) but then they aren't protected. i hate to lose or offend honest buyers but in light of all the scams, i have to protect myself.
  12. I totally agree. :yes:
  13. I totally agree with a lot of the posts here - l will not ship to Paypal unconfirmed addresses either - but if somebody was to message me via eBay mentioning that they were a member of TPF - l would reconsider.

    I do agree that it is not fair on geniune buyers but at present with Paypals Seller Protection policy - it is not always fair on sellers either.
  14. I rarely buy anything off of eBay, unless I'm looking for something and can't find it anywhere else on the Internet. Before I do, I ALWAYS CHECK threads that have steps that warn against scammers, and knowing the authenticity of the item. I agree to, don't ship to that unconfirmed address. I really feel for the victims also, but I don't think the police etc. will go after just one person. Only because there are sooo many scammers out there. And it won't do anything because he/she could always create another account. : /
    [[Btw, that emote is called "It won't do"]] I however, do hope this person is caught.