Philippine buyer/ship to US address?


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Please ladies, I need advice! I've seen the threads on the philippine scam rings, but I need to know if my situation sounds safe or if you think it might be a scam?

I have a Chanel for sale on Bonanzle and was approached by a buyer (who has purchased 2 other Chanel items and 1 Hermes scarf since July) who is in the philippines but is asking that I ship the bag to a relative in the US. Is there anyway I could be at risk if I do this? TIA for your help...this would be my first designer bag sale so I'm feeling a little paranoid :smile:
Feb 18, 2009
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I'm from Singapore & our National post office does set up collection centres in US, UK & Japan to enable us to buy from overseas sellers who do not ship to Singapore.

I've been buying from Bonanzle & Ebay and get sellers to ship to a collection centre in CA. The collection centre will in turn send the parcels to me in Singapore. Apparently, the address in CA is verified & confirmed in my Paypal account which can explain why sellers are more willing to deal with me.

I'm not sure how genuine is ur potential buyer from the Philippines. But I thought I just wanna share my case with u that it is possible & genuine that a foreign buyer request u to send to a US address. I do come across some Singaporeans that buy online to get their stuffs sent to their relatives or friends who are staying in the States.

I think you shld sell within ur comfort zone so if u're not feeling good abt the buyer, u shld reject him/her. I'm not familiar with the Philippines Postal system so can't comment specifically on your case.

Good Luck!


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Jan 23, 2009
If your buyer pays with paypal and her verified address is NOT in USA, let's say Philippine, and you ship the bag to non verified address, then you won't be protected.


Feb 1, 2007
You will NOT be protected if you send to address other than PP confirmed address. I would advise you to not do this. If she really wants it, have her send Western Union money order to you.


Nov 23, 2007
I have had many situations like that before and in all cases I ring paypal up and they give me the same answer, i will not be protected as a seller, if the item is shipped to a mail forwarding center in the usa and also if the buyer is international and shipping is to be in the USA whether it is confirmed or not, (international sellers are non-US verified)
please dont ship it, if the package doesnot get delieved to the buyer or is lost,and the buyer submits a claim, paypal will not protect you and refund you the money


Apr 26, 2006
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so, this is a similar situation i am in. the potential buyer seems nice, but anyone can be nice, right? they are in philippines but have a courier center i can ship to in san fran. she has a handful of ebay feedback, all positive and i think as the seller. she is also a member here, although not much of a poster.

i'm scared of being scammed, but at the same time, i feel bad cause what if she IS legit? also - my auction didn't sell the first time around on ebay, so i relisted and i'm not sure i'll relist a 3rd time, so this would be it and i'd just end up keeping the bag.

what do you guys think???