philip stein

  1. do you think this watch is only good for travel or does it look cute to wear anyways, even if you dont travel?
  2. i wear it everyday...i have round with diamonds on the face with pink lizard strap~ very cute!!!
  3. I have one too, diamonds all around and on the top and bottom of the face. I travel a lot and love the dual faces, but for me, it's an everyday watch.
  4. I have one also and I am currently on vacation and I always wear it, it is so comfortable. I have a black rubber butterfly clasp band with it and it feels great on.
  5. what style watch do you have?
  6. My mom has one and she wears it everyday. She buys different straps so she can change it for something fancier or more casual.
  7. I wear mine almost everyday. :smile: