Philip Stein watch. Should i get? What size?

  1. hi guys! Im confused, should i get a Philip Stein watch color white? What are the reasons why should i get it? And what size? Small or large? and i was thinking buy this watch or LV Epi speedy? hehehe! :smile::shrugs:
    philip stein white.jpg
  2. I like the small size, it's cute on and the interchangeable band is a PLUS!
  3. I have a small Philip Stein Teslar watch with mother of pearl face and white band. I love it!! However, the white band gets dirty fairly easily. I need to get a darker band for everyday and wear the white only once in a while. It is a great watch though!
  4. fashion_junky, is your strap the leather or the rubber? :smile:
  5. i have the large philip stein watch and I love it..I have both black and white lizard straps. The white gets dirty easy but I just wipe it w/ soft cloth and it's ok...:heart:
  6. I had the large with diamonds and sold it. It was a great watch and the diamonds were beautiful and great quality. But the crystal was not scratch resistant and I felt for that price it should be.
  7. My strap is the leather.
  8. You know Oprah gave those watchs away to her audience during one of her favorite things shows!
  9. Sofibella, i also like the white one with diamonds but as of now, i prefer just the plain one for everyday use in school..
  10. Coldplaylover, really? hmm.. very lucky audience again.. hehe!:smile:
  11. I have the large with diamonds, in white and black calf skin straps. Gorgeous watch.
    If this is your one and only watch I would recommend a metal strap, I think thats the most versatile and durable choice.
  12. this is such a beautiful watch, ever since I watched Oprah giving it away, i wanted one. i think she mentioned that Madonna gave her the watch. can someone please tell me what is the price range? thanks!
  13. I think it is a truly nice watch, but you will have to baby it to keep it nice. (for scratching reasons)

    Also, if you buy a strap remember that you will have to replace them every so often. I don't know the quality level/durability of the strap, but I have a watch with a thick leather strap and I need a new one every two years if I wear the watch daily. Factor in that cost for maintenance and make sure you are ok with that as well.

    Good is a nice looking piece.
  14. I just bought a Philip Stein watch this weekend at Neiman Marcus. I bought the large size with light brown lizzard strap. I also bought a black lizzard strap. I'd like to go back sometime soon and get a white strap. I love the interchangeable straps! The watch itself cost $615 and the extra strap cost $70. I love the look & the size of the watch. I could not afford the diamonds . . although they are beautiful!! I really knew nothing about Philip Stein watches (how they are supposed to make you feel good) or that they were featured on Oprah's Favorite things . . I just saw the watch in the case, and fell in love with it!!
  15. someone gave me a philip stein watch for my birthday....its blue...the thing that is shaped like an 8 is blue...can i have it changed for a silver one?? or are the straps the only ones that can be changed??? cant change the strap because of it. :confused1: