philip stein watch opinion needed..pls

  1. which one do you like better...the large round with diamonds on the face, or the large classic retangler one with the black face. I cant decide. thanks much
  2. the rectangular one!
  3. yes, definitely the rectangular one
  4. whats your thoughts on the black face with the black band? Is that the best one too choose from? I dont really wear black clothing...does that matter? Thanks much
  5. please let me know which retangler one (color combo) you like best..I'm going to Neimans today to get it. thanks
  6. What you wear is important. If you don't wear black, do not get a black face or black band. I think the silver face with a white or brown strap is nice. The all stainless is nice too.
  7. My sister has the rectangular black face/stainless steel combo w/ a red alligator band & it's gorgeous! You can't go wrong either way :smile:.