Philip lim 3.1 Pashli or Proenza schouler PS1?

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Pashli or PS1?

  1. Pashli

  2. PS1

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello everyone, I'm currently considering between a Pashli or a ps1 for an everyday/work/travelling bag..
    I'm really torn between these 2 as I think they're equally beautiful and functional. So which one would you choose if you were to buy either one?
    Thanks for your input!
  2. I have the Pashli and it is an amazing bag! So that is what I voted for. Good luck with your decision!
  3. I also vote Pashli! I have three (one large and two mediums) and think it's the perfect everyday work bag! Loveeeee the Pashli :smile:
  4. Thanks for your feedback guys! Did you experience any difficulty with closing the clasp for Pashli?
  5. TBH sometimes I found it hard to close, its not so bad now that I have broken it in more, but I just tuck my flap inside the bag when using it, it makes it so much more user friendly I find!
  6. It took some getting used to in the beginning, but after a few days of using the bag, I adapted pretty quickly and am now very used to using the front clasp. I also sometimes tuck the top flap inside if I know I will need easy access to the contents of my bag. I would say I use the bag as intended (bag shut by the clasp) about 90% of the time and really don't experience any issues :smile:
  7. Oh okay thanks guys, that sounds great! I was really worried about the clasp... It's comforting to know that i'll get used to it, as i am really fussy when it comes to functionality of a bag :smile:
  8. PS1, I feel it's more classic. I feel the Pashli is more a trend piece, a trend which will probably last a couple of years...
  9. I agree with MrVuitton, the Pashli is a trendy piece, the PS1 is a classic....and made in Italy contrary to the other one!
    My vote goes to the PS1....
  10. I have both & I prefer the PS1 compared to the Pashli. I really dislike the Pashli clasp personally. I extended the length of the strap so I can wear the PS1 cross body.
  11. Pashli! I have a mini and I love it. The clasp doesn't bother me too much. Sometimes I don't even close the bag with the clasp, it gets tucked in and the handles hold the flap in.
    I feel that the Pashli has the perfect hard structure to be a work bag.
  12. Pashli! I have 1medium (the clasp is manageable) and 1large (clasp is bit of a challenge at times). They're both in rotation more than my LVs.😊😊
  13. thank you everyone for your input!! I am still in a serious dilemma as both bags are equally gorgeous and functional in my eyes. More input is welcome !!! :smile: