Philip B russian amber shampoo--have you tried it?

  1. The ingredients contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate.... It sounded intriguing until I read that this ingredient was in there.
  2. ^What about that? :confused1:
  3. Will do ;)
  4. i didn't try this one specifically but i tried the white truffle was terrible. didn't clean or improve my hair. save your ££
  5. I,ve beeng using the russian amber shampoo for the past few weeks and my frizzy curly hair has suddenly become soft, beachy waves that I love--day to night. I use NO additional styling product,. Not even conditioner. It rocks! Such a small bottle last so long and you can alternate with other shampoos like loreal sulfate free if it's goingto be pony tail day. kerastatse masks also are great for tha night alone at home relaxing. It has tryuly worked wonders
  6. use this as a treatment shampoo & do agree that it works wonders!!
  7. This is on Amazon in the smaller tub for $45.00.
  8. Started using it again to prep my hair for my wedding in March. My hair is naturally wavy but easy to straighten. I prefer wavy for everyday looks. I have been using philip b ruassiian amber and leave it in for 5 minutes, then rinse, then use aveeno conditioner for 1 minute then rinse. I blot my hair dry, mix a dime size amount of aveeno conditioner with phyto serum and just tousel it through my hair--amazing. Even if I forget the serum my waves dry so beachy and perfect. It's the philip b. No other shampoo or conditioner makes my hair this radiant soft and smooth!
  9. I haven't tried the Amber but I tried both the Avocado and Peppermint and the White Truffle shampoos because I got them on clearance at Anthropologie about 3 years ago. From what I can remember, they were both horrible. I ended up giving them both to my husband to use just to they wouldn't go to waste. REALLY glad I didn't pay full price for these. Of course this was just my experience. I have very fine, straight and oily hair, so it could be different for others.
  10. I usually use Kerastase (hot pink) and sometimes Loreal Vitamino Color too. The only two that seem to not really affect my color. I might try this stuff out just to see how it affects my color.
    Sulfates, if properly diluted, aren't that big of a deal. I have more trouble with sulfate-free products damaging my hair, my color, my scalp, than I do with sulfate products.
  11. This shampoo is absolutely AMAZING!!
    I have this fine hair that just hangs there - with Russian Amber my hair has LIFE! you use so little that it lasts like 'regular' shampoo
    Be sure to leave it on for a couple of minutes like the instructions say - I use it with Terax Crema conditioner - I found both on
    You won't be disappointed!:tup::tup::smile:
  12. have been using this shampoo since it was first introduced... use it 2 -3 times

    a month.. my hair is glorious.... and even my colorist noticed a difference
  13. I was also curious about it for the longest time, and a couple of months ago gave in when I found it on sale (I just got the travel size in case it wasn't all that fab).


    The quote from Vogue about it giving you the hair of a romance novel heroine turned out to be spot-on for me. I have color-treated long hair that is curly / wavy (depending on its mood and the humidity) and fine. It loved to either frizz or be limp - there was no happy medium. Until now. I first used it along with the kit that has the oil / peppermint shampoo / masque / toner and I let my hair air dry. I couldn't believe it was my hair - it was full without being frizzy, the thinness toward the ends was gone, and it felt like silk. The next time I used only the Russian Amber and the deep conditioner and got the same results. I will totally be repurchasing these.

    I also tried samples of the White Truffle shampoo and conditioner and it made my hair frizz. The Russian Amber Conditioner smells nice, but I find my hair prefers the combo of the Russian Amber Shampoo and his regular deep conditioner.
  14. I finally found a small jar of this in person and picked it up...I didn't want to buy online and deal with a return, though now I might try to find the conditioner in a smaller size (probably through the website). If nothing else for the smell! I like the smell a LOT, it is not a product I would use daily, bec I can see it building up badly, but maybe alternating with others. It does not seem to do any damage to my color but it does tug a little more of the color conditioner out when I've used that. It leaves my hair very soft (but not so soft that I can skip conditioner) and shinier than anything I've ever used.

    I use a pretty good amount of this though, I section my hair into like 4 sections, and smear it around the root and down the shaft of my hair and then work and lather it all in. I will say that I expect the jar to be a little bit diluted soon since I am dipping my wet hand in there all the time.