Philadelphia Restaurant Week

  1. Just wanted to remind all the Philadelphia folks on here that Restaurant Week is September 10-15th. Reservations fill up pretty quickly-so make yours soon!

    And don't forget that Summer Sips is going on every Wednesday from now until August 30th.
  2. I've been living close to Philly for almost 6 years and have never participated in this yet although I'd very much like to!
  3. Kathy, you should go! It's a great way to try a new place without spending a fortune-especially since restaurants in philly seem to pop up & disappear rather quickly. We decided to go to Red Sky the last time it was RW-the food was excellent.
  4. Jillybean, that sounds soooooooo fun!!!! Eat lots for me.
  5. I should. If BF won't be here, I think I will make the commute and have a good 'ol time myself there! :yes:
  6. Thanks for the reminder
  7. wow, thanks for the reminder. I knew it was coming up but I'm glad I know the exact dates. Red Skyy is a good restaurant, I always go clubbing there on Wed and Sundays. My boyfriend and I went to Prime Rib last year.

    thanks again;)
  8. Please all try to go to Crescent City on 9th & South, I designed the interior decor!!! i work for an architecture firm in NJ. The restaurant is Southern cuisine, so alot of seafood on the menu.

  9. You did a fantastic job! I have been to Crescent City for drinks & the interior was beautiful.:yes::yes:
  10. Thanks Jillybean307! Look out for a new restaurant on 17th & Chestnut next year by the same owners. It's going to be strictly seafood. I can't wait to start designing the interiors!
  11. Last week they opened the new restaurant The Waterworks on the parkway. Now its impossible to park at the art museum! Parking is limited and thats the best place to park to jog on the river drive.
  12. thanks for the info. can't believe i have been in NJ since 97 and have never gone. i must try this year.
    gosh.. have not been in philly in a long time.
  13. Doulos: You should definitely go if you haven't been to Philly in a while! Go on Sunday the 10th and make a whole day out of it! The restaurants are probably the biggest thing I'm going to miss when we leave Philly in January.
  14. i put in on my calendar so i won't forget. i am so there on the 10th. what is sweet is that i am off because i no longer have to work weekends or holidays with my new job which i start on the 5th:smile: . once again thanks.