Phh Just Freaked Me Out........

  1. Im speechless...PHh just looked at my new 2450.00 brown Prada Gauffre bag and gotta be the nicest bag you have ever gotten.I love the color and it was worth the price......

    HAS HELL FROZEN OVER?????????????????????????

    Is this reverse psychology.......or is he actually sincere....OVER 10 years of bad mouthing my this?????????????

    All of you know how much he hates bags..PERIOD......I am concerned.Should I be worried???????LMAO......................I refuse to take back his PHH title.......we shall see.......If he becomes a PLH..I may die of shock.
  2. LOL!!!! Don't say anything, just roll with it!!!!!! haha maybe he's learning to appreciate your bags!
  3. Wow..Jill...I think he's sincere...

    You converted him with Prada..well done..
    Any human being will say the same thing about Prada's TDF
    Congrats..let's hope the spell will work forever..
  4. Maybe he's coming around! It was bound to rub off on him sometime.:shrugs:
  5. Cool!!! now will he just speak with mine???
  6. Wow lucky you!
  7. Next thing you know he will have a screen name on tPF! lol
  8. LMAO...maybe you have finally converted him! Then again maybe he's just messing with you. Are you sure he didn't have anything to drink earlier in the day though??
  9. Maybe he saw Vlad's thread in LV and got inspired? Maybe he wants a bag but is too embarassed to fess up to you so is going at in a roundabout way. Watch, pretty soon you will be Mr. and Mrs. Prada/Gen Discussion Mod.
  10. Aww, I think it's sweet
  11. OMG. I need to know what you did to get this reaction from him. I don't look forward to a lifetime with my SO hating my bags, but I'm resigned to it. If there's something, ANYTHING, you think you did to bring him around, please share! I'd do just about anything to get that reaction.
  12. I think maybe after a while they come around. My DH was annoyed that I didnt buy a Chanel as he wanted me to have it..Can you imagine? What is happening with them?
  13. hehehe Jill.. so happy for you.. now, be cool with it and let it be... hopes he truly means it.. so just keep smiling.
  14. Mine changed over from a PHH to a DH after he realized the bags were actually "something" instead of me throwing it away at the casino!
    He doesn't even cringe anymore ...I love it!
  15. I'm so happy for you, Jill! The guy finally knew how to recognize a good thing :biggrin: