Phh Has Shocked Me!!!!!!!!!

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  1. :amazed: I just got a call from our bakery asking what flavor cake I wanted for my mothers day cake???!.........OOPS!!
    It was a surprise and hold on to your seats everyone..THE CAKE IS SHAPED LIKE A PURSE!!! I ALMOST FELL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHH ordered me a custom cake for mothers day..I swear I have never been soo surprised..ever!Will post a pic on Sunday when it comes...I have to act surprised!!LOL!:lol:
  2. LOLOLOLOL! Too cute!
  3. Ahhh! I love your PHH! He's not as bad as he sounds. LOL! Enjoy the cake!!
  4. oh that's so sweet! (no pun intended)

    i can't wait to see the pics! what flavour did you choose? :P
  5. That is so cool. My hubby would NEVER think of something like that!! Enjoy your cake!
  6. Awww, that's so cute! Post a picture!
  7. What does "PHH" stand for?
  8. Jill, you might have to consider a revised name for him like, PHbTH - Purse Hating, but Thoughtful Hubby!!
  9. cute!!!!
  10. that is so cute! especially since he is a "phh" lol.
  11. awww, that's so cute...
  12. LOL :lol:

    I have a PHB (purse hating boyfriend), but he's still great! :heart: :cool:
  13. That is so thoughtful!!! Sounds like there is hope for him in the "purse hating" department!
  14. Wow! That's so sweet of your PHH.
  15. LOL, I like that nickname. Jill, I second KittyBag's suggestion! How completely sweet of him. Start working on your surprised face now!
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