1. After worrying myself to death and some odd phone calls and emails with JAX, I finally found out that the bag was shipped to the store. Which...it was supposed to be. The thing is, I gave them my information in an email (JAX) and they determined that the order didn't even exist! Odd.

    BUT I HAVE HER!!! :yahoo:



  2. Very cute!!! Love it!:heart:
    Have fun w/her!:tup:
  3. She's gorgeous!!
  4. I love that bag. It's so cute. Congrats!!
  5. She i lovely.
  6. You are so lucky. I ordered mine on wed and now I found out that she is on backorder until Jan. Something?They said there were 6 left in the system and i order it it in the store and when I got a comformation e-mail today all my other items were coming except that so I called CS and they are on backorder until Jan oh well I guess I will just wait! She is so cute!
  7. Beautiful, congra'ts.
  8. Ooh..very pretty!
  9. Very nice! I love that carryall style.
  10. So very pretty, congrats!
  11. OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!!
  12. very pretty! congrats!
  13. I'm so glad she came and you can relax again! She's a lovely bag! Great for spring!
  14. Gorgeous! I ordered it yesterday in the store and it is on back order. My wonderful SA said she was sure there would be more in stock soon. Such a pretty bag!!

    Are you going to use it now or wait until spring?
  15. Lovely! So happy she made it! I had my tote shipped to the store also. The SA I ordered from (over the phone as it wasn't a local store) said I should get an email with tracking info. I haven't gotten anything yet. Any ideas on how to get it? :confused1: