Phenomenon on NBC?

  1. anyone watch this? Today's episode especially when that guy who can connect w/ a dead guy and got in a "fight" with Chris Angel??? and chris said he'll give him a million dollars if he can guess whats in the envelope/give specific details?!

    im wondering if that fight was staged...why would chris angel have an envelope anyways lol
  2. I saw Criss on Carson Daily(sp?) yesterday and he said he would call out anyone who did what that creepy guy did. I don't think it was staged, I'm sure the judges have an idea of what everyones going to do. I really don't think that guys flip out would help him get votes, so why would he sabotage his chances for some ratings?

    This episode was much better than the premier, which I thought was pretty boring except for the nail gun guy.
  3. I've missed this show - when does it air?
    Do you guys like it?
  4. yesterday was the first time i watched it and i saw the mirco fiber thread! it was so embarassing..he was doing something with cards and i saw the string...seems fake arrrrgh