Phelps look alike

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  1. Eeeeek noo, Phelps looks so much hotter without the facial hair. The guy on the right does not look like him. :P
  2. ^^^ totally agree, Phelps is way hotter!
  3. Ditto. Phelps >>>Aucoin.
  4. they both have long faces and facial hair, but I don't think they look alike!
  5. Hahaha! Too funny...I agree Phelps is way hotter.
  6. Phelps has that swimmers body which is INCREDIBLE! He is hot!
  7. ^ITA!!!!! He's a hottie!
  8. Phelps' face doesn't really get a 10 from me but his body is insane! Watching him and all the other male swimmers at the Olympics this year was when I decided that I am MARRYING a swimmer LOL!
  9. My friend sent me this bumper sticker on Facebook:

    LOL! Love it! :love: Shh, don't tell my boyfriend.
  10. OMG!!! :drool: they look nothing alike.
    sure their face shape is the same, they have facial hair, etc. but that's like saying two people have two eyes so they look like. :confused1: