Pharrell's new collaboration has finally been announced!

  1. "Rapper/producer Pharrell Williams and designer Camille Miceli will unveil a new fine jewelry collection named Blason being launched with Fashion house, Louis Vuitton. Williams first teamed with Louis Vuitton in 2004, when the producer/rapper and A Bathing Ape creator Nigo created the "Millionaire" line of sunglasses for the company. The Blason jewelry line, which features four separate themes, features yellow and white gold in diamonds. The pieces are being sold for between $2,000 to over $600,000. Williams and Miceli will debut the line to the public on January 21, followed by a private party at a Mansion in Paris. While details have yet-to-be announce, the Blason line of jewelry will be available in Louis Vuitton stores across the world this spring." (source:

    still no photos of the pieces yet, but im very curious.

    let's just hope they won't look anything like these:

  2. ohhh, i remember someone purchased the millionaire sunglasses - does anyone have a pic of them?
  3. cant wait.. bet there lot of ICE and BLING....:popcorn:
  4. I heard about this, I'll be interested to see what the pieces look like.
    I also remember hearing that Kanye and Murakami would be doing a jewelry idea what happened to that, or if it ever will happen.
  5. I like Pharrell Williams but I dont think a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and him was a good idea, its really going down a wrong track. Louis Vuitton is a fashion house and their lines are supposed to be designed by artists/designers...not Hiphop or any other music artists unless they have a fashion degree or have claimed some type of huge importance in the fashion world.

    I cant see Hermes teaming up with lil Kim to make a line of LE Birkins so why should LV be any different ?. KWIM ?
  6. hasn't it been like more than year since we heard rumours about this new collaboration? if it took that long to develop, i'd expect something that would knock our socks off.
  7. I already know what it is! MUAHAHHA MUAHAHA! lol

    i'll stop haha
  8. yeah right :rolleyes: better thank Karen Kooper for keeping you updated ;)
  9. agree
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Karen hasn't told me ONE thing about the up and coming seasons.... fyi
  12. It'll be fun to see, I'm not really a jewellry person though.
  13. I thought "Karen" was a guy?
  14. lmao she is a guy I am told but w.e "she" has VERY good service and I've bought from her numerous times. I'm, just asuming ur SA is well informed right matt? u seem to know major stuff beforehand.

  15. I understand, but why do you need to make up a fake name and present your self as a woman, LMAO! lots of tpf members chat with him/her on myspece like it's a girl, lol makes no sence IMO