Pharrell Williams in LV Ad

  1. Have you guys seen the Pharrell Williams new ad for LV? Do you guys like it? I think it looks weird! Sorry mods if it is posted in the wrong forum! Here is a pic of the ad.
  2. I don't hate the ad but I'd rather see somebody else model for LV. Those trunks I love. :love:
  3. I lurrrve it ! (and him, I'd order him out of a catalogue !) :yes::love::love:
  4. LOL!!!! You are so cute Ayla! I should have explained myself a little better. I sort like the ad, but Pharrell I adore! I love those trunks too. It just looks weird, maybe he should have a different pose.
  5. The black fur thing is a little deceptive, I was so excited at first cause it looked like a giant 'fro ! :biggrin:
  6. he is so hot

    i love it!!!
  7. I think it's the hood throwing you off.
  8. Yup, I think you are right!:yes: But other than that, I think he is gorgeous!
  9. he's totally HOT HOT HOT!!! hmmm, and i like the trunks too!
  10. minus the hood - love it. :smile:
  11. i love pharrel and the ad!
  12. I love it! Since they used a male artist for the men's they should have used Mariah Carey for the womens!

    Who's with me!!??

    p.s. I put my name down on that jacket :smile:
  13. I love pharrel...but I hate where marc jacobs is taking lv...
  14. The ad is a little too busy for me, but he is yummy and so are those trunks. I'd take the trunks over him. LOL
  15. im not too keen on pharrell with LV. the timeless classic appeal of LV isnt there in the ad