Pharrell: Baggage for Vuitton?

  1. Saw this interesting gossip from the NY Daily News

    Pharrell: Baggage for Vuitton?

    Has Pharrell Williams cost himself a big-bucks Louis Vuitton campaign after a regrettable incident at Milan Men's Fashion Week?
    The singer was slated to be the face of Vuitton's fall advertising. But he had a "fag-wa" called against him after his heavies bounced a bevy of influential gay fashionistas (including Elton John's hubby, David Furnish, and Burberry designer Christopher Bailey) out of his VIP lounge at a GQ magazine party, telling them there was "too much sausage" in the room.

    Now Vuitton reps are calling around, "taking the temperature" of the bad press he generated, says an insider, and are mulling whether to pull the campaign.

    Williams' pal Naomi Campbell seems to have summed up his problem best.

    According to multiple sources, she called and told him, "Two words: Donna Summer." It's a reference to the disco diva whose career nosedived after she allegedly made homophobic remarks.

    But the story causing the most amusement in style circles is what shoe designer Manolo Blahnik apparently said when he heard about the incident at a fashion breakfast.

    Says an insider: "Manolo was fuming and said, 'Ugh, I've always hated that guy. He was terrible in "Bewitched."'"

    Um, Manny? That was Will Ferrell, not Pharrell Williams.
  2. Too bad for Pharrell?
  3. i kinda don't believe he would say that, he seems like a nice and smart guy.
  4. to me any time i hear about anyone's entourage doing or saying something (especially at a party) i assume it comes from the boss. that's what they're paid for after all...

    :roflmfao: about naomi campbell's comment
  5. this is funny
  6. ^Not really. It could have serious consequences for Pharrell, he could even lose his endorsement deal.
  7. Don't forget that Marc Jacobs is gay and after working with him and proably telling the big guys at LV to let him design jewerly, thats a low blow man
  8. Perhaps a publicity stunt?:hrmm:
  9. Indeed it is... although MJ should be rather careful with his new bf's friends, I saw a pic of the two with a gay porn star. I am not sure if the (probably rather conservative) big fish at LVMH like that so much.
  10. I doubt he said anything like that.
  11. I think it was just his bodyguards. Pharrel dosnt seem like one of those homophobic rappers.
  12. Whoa...I wonder if Pharell's ads will reallly be pulled.
  13. Although he didn't say it, he is responsible for the company he keeps...someone needs to be fired!