1. Hi!
    I am seeking for any pharmacist or anyone who can help me with a pill I have here.

    My man's co worker gives him these pills to "keep him awake" and I got a hold of one and googled it but nothing came up.

    I'm really curious about this pill and starting to think its some fraudulent or unsafe pill???

    It's a huge yellow/gold tablet called LIPO-ORENE.

    Thanks for any help..

  2. It sounds like one of those diet pills, but don't take my word for it.
  3. could it be lipodrene

    i remember seeing an ad or something for that name. it is one of those questionable over the counter diet pills.

    not sure, but sounds similar
  4. please tell him to never ever take a pill from someone else. . . God forbid something happen:sad:
  5. ^ Yeah seriously. He shouldn't just take any drug without being informed. :S
  6. Hi louislady! I'm a Pharmacist and although I've never personally seen lipodrene, guccimamma is correct in that it is a weight-loss pill. It's bad not just because it's a weight loss pill but because it contains ephedra which is probably what's causing the stimulant effect and helps people "stay up".

    Ephedra increases your metabolism, but at the same time, it also speeds up your heart rate. Prolonged use, and even sometimes short-term use, can cause a heart attack. This was the issue a few years back with the other ephedra-containing diet pills and that's why the FDA began to ban the sale of these products. I suggest your husband doesn't take this & perhaps to advise your husband's friend to stop taking it also. I know you can't exactly make them stop taking it, but at least a warning is sufficient so that way they are aware of the risks. Hope I've helped somehow. Good luck!
  7. Please PLEASE tell him to refrain from taking medication that isn't being supervised/prescribed by a physician:push: