pharell in lv ads

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  1. go to and watch yourself...........great bag....but he looks sooooooooo ghetto

    I personally don´t like it-especially after hearing the sausage rumors

  2. huh? who looks ghetto? bryanboy or pharrell? what do i watch??
  3. what sausage? Im too confused. :shrugs:
  4. ya me too...what sausage? what rumors? lol
  5. What does that mean exactly?
  6. okay........
  7. I was wondering about that rumor. Hmmm, guess we'll find out soon enough if it's true.
  8. matt already posted the pic and linked from bryanboy.
  9. sorry my fault....didnt see it any sooner. I meant pharell looks ghetto.......sorry for reposting