Phantom vs Luggage for a Guy

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  1. Hi All

    This will be my first CELINE purchase. I've been eying the brand and can't wait to join!

    I really want the bag to be black. And I'm debating luggage vs phantom and even vs the Givenchy Antigona. I'm a guy, 6ft, slim/fit build. I would use this bag for everyday, travel and work.


    And anyone know if the Black Croc Phantom is still available new at the boutique? Thx
  2. Phantom is more chic on guys than the other two. The width with wings out would look better aesthetically with your height imo.

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  3. Mini luggage for guys!
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    Croc stamped Phantom would be amazing but for some reason, I'm leaning towards the Mini Luggage in Black Calfskin (not drummed leather as I feel it falls flat very easily). Something about the sheen on smooth calfskin seems more dangerous and edgy. Gosh, I'm making myself want one now. :woot:
  5. I think the Mini Luggage sounds like a perfect fit since you're thin and tall...Have you consider the weight of the Phantom? I have the Givenchy Antigona as well and think the Celine bags look amazing on guys and is a better bag. Can't wait to see your reveal!!!
  6. I saw a guy try in both and he was tall and skinny and I thought the mini looked better with that build. The phantom looked disproportionate.
  7. Also you need to consider that mini has zip closure but phantom doesn't.
  8. Phantom gets my vote. You see less of them but they are still just as eye catching with the unique shape.
  9. I think phantom large size or luggage in medium size will look great on you.
    I would prefer the phantom simply because it's easier to style. Though luggage is better for work and travel.
    Sometimes Phantom is too squarish and open for traveling imo.
  10. I'm ok with the open top of the phantom and the slouch of it. I have the orange graffiti LV neverfull GM and it's amazing for travel, just too "beach destination" sometimes. I'd want this bag to also be a good to and from work bag.

    Weight doesn't bother me, so that's not a big concern either. My reservation with the Antigona is that it's not open top and might be too constricted of an opening. Also I have a MacBook Pro 15" and not sure that'll fit.

    Haven't looked at the luggages much. I will have to try those on and see.

    Anyone know if the black croc phantom is still available to buy at the CELINE boutique ?
  11. I have two wonderful SA's at Celine if you'd like their info please PM me and they'll let you know if there is one left in the company :smile: BTW....Love the LV Graffiti bag!!!!

  12. Phantom! Hands down the best bag Celine has made! I've had my phantom for almost 2 years now ((all black croc embossed)) and it is my everyday bag ((I'm a student)). It does get heavy and a bit cumbersome but still an AMAZING bag. For your height and build it will look awesome on you! I'm shorter with a heavier build and it suits me well so I think on you it will look even better. The phantom is always the best choice for guys!

    The black croc is sadly VERY rare to find nowadays but you can call around and perhaps get lucky. But their regular black calfskin one is just as nice!
  13. I would choose phantom or luggage for a guy over the Antigona. Not sure about the black croc but,as an alternative, there is the Nubuck navy phantom that is beyond stunning out now.
  14. I would say phantom for a guy!!
  15. Phantom