Phantom reveal!

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  1. I'm partial to a couple of brands but never had a Céline. I always appreciated the leathers and love the lack of hardware and finally I bit the bullet and got a burgundy phantom in pebbled calf. Oh my, how lovely is this bag!
    The rage for the robot faced bags might have died down (never in a million years I thought I would buy one) but I love this bag.

  2. Love it! Congrats!
  3. Beautiful choice, congrats!!
  4. great choice - the phantom is my fave in the luggage line because it's super flattering/slimming. enjoy and congrats!
  5. Thanks all for your comments!
  6. Welcome to Celine....Beautiful color!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  7. Wow amazing burgundy color congrats.
  8. What a beauty!!!love love the color! Congratulations!!!!
  9. what a classy color with modern bag! amazing!
  10. I am so glad you got it in the end. She's beautiful. Enjoy in good health and happiness X
  11. I'll say it again Love this bag and love this color Ughhhhh
  12. so beautiful! congratulations
  13. i love this so much! Congrats!
  14. Thanks hon, the deal was too good to resist.

    thanks JP ;)

    thank you

  15. Beautiful color...I feel the same way. I am not partial to the robot face, but almost tripped over myself when I saw a woman walking past me carrying the phantom in I knew I needed to get one. In the process of tracking one down now. Enjoy yours in good health!