Phantom of the Opera

  1. Anyone here love the Phantom of the Opera movie released in 2004? It is my favorite movie. I love it so much, I went to see the broadway show too. I use Phantom of the Opera as my cell phone ring tone too. :yes:
  2. Yea! I definitely saw and loved that movie.At first I when I saw the trailer I wasn't so ectastic about it but then when it came out on dvd I rented it and loved it.I'm a big fan of Emmy Rossum and Gerald Butler, so I loved the movie and the musical performances were fantastic.I just loved the movie, your lucky to have seen it on Broadway I intend on seeing on broadway someday soon.:yes:
  3. I saw the musical and read the book, and they are I was really nervous when the movie came out. But I think they did well, all things considered. And I loved the ring that Christine received!
  4. OMG! Don't even get me started! It's a HUGE guilty pleasure of mine! I saw it in the theater maybe 6 times :shame: .

    I LOVE Patrick Wilson (who plays Raoul)....I saw him in "Barefoot in the Park" in NYC earlier this year, and waited around at the Stagedoor. He signed my Playbill and gave me a hug. My boyfriend was too busy waiting for our car, so no picture. He's so dreamy...hehe.
  5. LOL! 6 times! I saw Raoul when I was eating dinner once. He sat at a table behind me.
  6. I have seen the movie and loved it. I have also seen it 4 times in theaters and am getting an urge to see it again.
  7. I saw the show and loved it, but I didn't like the movie so much. Although I have to say, I :heart: Emmy Rossum
  8. I love this movie! The book and old black and white, silent version are great too.
  9. I saw the musical and loved it! I loved the movie, too, because while it's ideal to see something like that in the theatre, not everyone can.

    (Plus, there's SO much more a movie studio could do with a musical! Like with Rent! The sets were amazing!)

    And I loved how the movie seemed to explain things more . . . it was like that with Chicago, too.

    I'd LOVE to see Monty Python's Spamalot! turned into a movie. (It wouldn't be Monty Python and the Holy Grail because while some of the songs and part of the plot was borrowed from that movie, there are new songs and characters.)
  10. I've seen the musical in New York, London, Winnipeg and Toronto, and I will see it again this summer when it comes to Vancouver. I have also seen the film about 6 or 7 times in the theatre and maybe 3 or 4 times on DVD, so I am pretty much a huge freak, but I love it!!
  11. Love the movie, and loved the play! The opening of the movie was absolutely amazing, from the B&W to the fab. red, and, on broadway, the masquerade was fabulous! Now I wanna see it again! lol!
  12. I loved Phantom - though it's not my favorite. Les Mis and Miss Saigon are on top for me (as far as musicals go). Although I hear Wicked is great - and I'm dying to see it!
  13. There are usually discounts for broadway shows once in awhile, and that is how I saw Phantom. Wicked is really good. It was memorable because Tom Cruise was watching the same show I was!!! 10 rows ahead.
  14. I love musicals in general, and, am lucky enough to live in DC, so, a lot of the broadway plays end up traveling and I go and see them at the Kennedy Center. Recently saw Mame, with Christine Baranski playing Mame. She was amazing! And, Harriet Sansom played her best friend in the play as well (plays Felicia on Desperate Houswives).

    Have to agree that Wicked was good. I can't watch Wizard of Oz the same way I used to when I was a kid anymore :smile: