Phantom croc in black/ gold hardware

  1. In the inner pockets there's an authenticity no. But that's all. It did came with the dustbag and cards.

    I know it's real, but in case I want to sell it I have a problem I guess.
  2. There should be a celine logo inside the black hw croc phantom. Check it under the zipper. It's not very visible but when you look at it closely, you should be able to find it.
  3. Found it!
  4. Ohhh - let's see mod pics!
  5. I'll do a reveal later this week, but everyone already knows it's a phantom :p
  6. Can't wait to see!
  7. I was at Celine NY today, they had a lot of phantoms, they all had the Celine stamp on them.:shrugs:
  8. Were there any black croc small phantoms?:smile:
  9. I received a pictured small phantom croc in gold hw from cahierdexercices and it doesn't have celine logo outside the bag? it makes me confused, because everyone saying gold hw should have logo on the outside. :confused1:
  10. I just bought a croc phantom, there was 1 with Celine logo outside and the one I bought was inside. SA told me the logo inside is the newer one.
  11. Does it bother you NOT having the logo outside?
  12. Can anyone tell me what year they started to make the celine phantom
  13. Mine is gold hw with logo outside
  14. Fall 2011.
  15. i just knew about today about the logo thing too. i used to check out others' celine by the logo. but anyway, it's hard to impersonate a phantom. so i will just admire it anyway!