Phantom Cabas in taupe-does it work with grey?

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  1. Wanting to purchase my first Celine and am in love with the Phantom Cabas. All of you taupe owners out there, can you wear it with grey? Every photo I see shows the taupe looking a different colour (were there differences in the shade of taupe seasonally?). Some pics I love, others look distinctly yellow-brown...any help would be appreciated, especially any mod shots of taupe with grey clothing! The other option is black but I have so many black bags...:confused1: TIA!
  2. I don’t have any mod shots, unfortunately but I don’t think I would purposely wear mine with grey. I think it would be too bland and would want a pop of color. Maybe that’s just my personality. I will say I think my taupe has a sort of dark green tint to it.
  3. Oooh thanks, that gives me hope re: the colour. I’m pretty much a non-pop of colour person :lol:. Lots of black, grey, khaki, muted plum type colours.
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  4. Anyone else care to give an opinion?
  5. I wear A LOT of grey (& black)! Here are some pics with light, medium and dark grey. I hope these help!

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  6. Thanks! Do you know if the taupe differs from year to year? What year is your bag?
  7. I think it might...mine is current I believe (I bought it in 2019 but have been in a boutique and the ones they have now look the same). It's definitely is one of those colors that changes depending on the light!
  8. Thanks, I’m obsessing...:heart:
  9. Lol totally understand!!!
  10. I keep going back and forth between taupe and black. It would be easier to fix any corner wear with black but the taupe looks so rich. I’m hoping it’s closer to the dark side of taupe, so hard to tell, seems to be such a chameleon!
  11. Do you have one in particular you’re looking at? I know it it so hard to tell online...especially in this color!
  12. There's one apparently from 2015 (expensive for a five year old bag, they seem to keep value pretty well).
  13. It looks gorgeous!!! Did they describe the condition?
  14. Sounds like it’s in very nice shape. $1395 though :hrmm:.
  15. Oh wow that seems high...especially now...I'm sorry I usually love to enable but I might wait? I mean its not like you will be able to carry it anywhere for awhile and I think its a color & style that will still be available somewhere?