PG Testing on the pill?

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  1. I think i could be PG, stupid symptoms that are probably in my head! However i am on the pill? I was on antibiotics about a month ago and wasn't as careful as i should have been.

    I'm not too sure when i should test as i'm in the process of running two packs back to back to stop a bleed? I'm 4 days in to pack 2.

    Any advice?
  2. I would test now if you should have had your withdrawal bleed this week... You should def stop taking your pills if you get a positive!
  3. Thank you. I will get one tomorrow, if i get a positive i will stop immediatly!
  4. Remember to buy 2 test kits of different brands, sometimes there are false results if your hormone levels are low.
  5. i didnt get a chance to buy one, but will tomorrow. What brands are recommended for early testers? I saw an ad on telly today for First Response?
  6. I found the digital ones helpful because they give you a straight yes or no answer. Can you go to planned parenthood and have a test there?
  7. We dont really have that in the UK. You can only go to your Doctor and appointments are few and far between! I took a Clear Blue and it was negative. Panic over!

    Thanks for everyones help!
  8. FYI, a Family Planning Clinic will do the same thing for you - I went to get the morning-after pill once, and they would not prescribe without doing a test because I had also been pretty sloppy over the last couple of months (I missed 23 out of 40 pills - they called me "a comedy of errors"). You can look up your local one in the Yellow Pages or on They usually have a walk-in period every day.