PG mamma mia on eBay

  1. i was...until it went up to $175. GAH.
  2. i was thinking of bidding too.... good thing i didn't or i might've brought up the bid extremely high to win. (i'm a sore loser.) :blush:
  3. I was thinking of bidding that is until I saw my total cost of the items I've won so far. Yikes!
  4. Complete. Insanity.
  5. i've been watching it too...but too much for my wallet. congrats if its a fellow tpf member who wins it.
  6. i wonder if a TPFer won
  7. Ouuuuuuch, over $220....
  8. i forgot about that auction lol ..oh well i couldnt afford it anyways lol did a tpfer won?? :graucho:
  9. Is shopaholicssaa a TPFer? Wow, $227.50 ending bid..
  10. thats crazy. must really love the print:wtf:
  11. wow ... that sold for A LOT ... :shocked:
  12. :wtf: THATS INSANE!! That ebayer must really really want it!
  13. Dana .. why are you up at this hour? Isn't it like 2 a.m. in hawaii right now?
  14. it's a great bag!! if i didn't go so over my spending limit.... :sad: