PFs Goodwill

  1. Hi guys. Some of you already know this, but yesterday I posted up on the marketplace a pair of sunglasses that I never use to give away to another member if anyone wanted it. At first I just thought that it would really be no loss to me since I never wear them and would rather have someone else love them.

    Well, since my initial post many of our lovely members are doing the same with their treasured items and I just think this is such a great thing... truthfully I don't think I have ever seen a forum with such caring and generous members and I have to say that I am so proud to be a part of this community. :love:

    I was also thinking if this practice(?) kept on growing, if we could maybe have a seperate sub-forum for giveaways? What do you think?
  2. jeannie that sounds like a good idea....i know i have a ton of cute stuff that's going to waste and that i've never used/worn and i'd love to see them put to good use....won't have time to take photos and stuff until after exams tho :shame:
  3. I thought about that too, that would be cool.
  4. Yeah, that might be cool! A "free to good home" section. Otherwise, we could just use the wanted to sell subforum too.
  5. Yes! That would be brilliant!
    It's such a lovely thing to do!I'm looking through my stuff (whats left of it) and there may be some stuff I would like to pass on to others.
  6. great idea
  7. The ladies here are so nice.
  8. Perhaps an idea would be that people add in their profiles where are they based (at least, country) so we know which items to "request"... for instance, for me it would be cheaper and quicker to grab items in Europe than in the State (and customs-hassle-free!!!)
  9. so much good karma floating around on the boards here! :smile:
  10. i agree, ppl here r so nice..
  11. I'm from Italy and totally agree with you Cece!!!;) :amuse:
  12. I love the idea!
  13. That's a really cool idea. We could have our own little PF "Freecycle". In case anyone is curious about the concept of Freecycle:
  14. I like the idea of free things, too. I've got a few to contribute, once I get my digital camera back, up, and running.
  15. Such a nice gesture, really. There are not many forums like this one!