PF'r 06 Black City

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  1. I LOVE the leather on this!
  2. awe, thanks for posting queenvictoria, that was really sweet of you :smile:...i took the auction down after receiving a fake '05 black city today :Push:...that's the only reason why i put her up there, was to pay for the '05...i wanted to see what the infamous '05 leather was all about...but instead all i got was '05 pleather (no more reckless BIN's for this girl!!!) :hysteric:
  3. yippeeeeeeeeeeee, it was a false alarm gals, my new black '05 city is 1000% real (which probably means "bye-bye" '06) :wlae:
  4. good luck with your sale, sweetie, and congrats on your new 05 baby!!!!!:love: :flowers: :yahoo:
  5. okay.. so its back on!

    ahhh the drama

    so after you carry your 05 for a few days, i want a full report on how she compares to the newer bags, from your point of view!!
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