Pfers who live in Japan! Is Daks popular?

  1. Hey gals/ guys who live in Japan, I really need some consumer opinions on this clothing brand called Daks which is from London..basically I'm trying to do some 'extra' research for a stock we are interested in and so this is for work...will really appreciate if anyone could tell me if this brand is popular in Japan?

    Also, Nicole Miller and Christian Lacroix.

    Thanks a bunch! :heart:
  2. I don't know about Japan... but it's definitely popular here in Taiwan. Most of the upscale Japanese department stores here have a Daks boutique.
  3. i dont think I have seen it? Do you have a link so I can see what it is?
  4. Here's what their plaid pattern looks like (I can't verify that the bag pictured is authentic though):

  5. hmm It doesn't ring a bell, but I wasn't looking so I will keep an eye out for them now ;)
  6. It's

    not much on the site but they just recruited Giles Deacon (hope I spelt right - the British designer of the year to revive the brand)
  7. btw, thanks so much for responding ladies! :smile: