Pfers..please get this....

  1. Very cute! Would never make it all the way to me in one piece though.
  2. OMG i've wanted that since i saw the thread about it! hmmm :nuts:
  3. awwwww - so cute!
  4. OH come on, somebody on here can afford it, (not me):nuts: It's soo beautiful:shame:
  5. That's freaking adorable! What a collector's item that would be! A treasured family heirloom for sure! I wish I can buy it NOW, but I can't. Good info though, thanks for sharing! Didn't know had this!
  6. Where I live, we've already had real snow by now! I don't have enough "dough" for LV snow!
  7. Wow I love that! I can NOT even afford that so close to getting my first LV bag though ;)
  8. how much is the retail price?
  9. .. OMG thats the CUTEST thing i'd ever seen awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  10. I live in the snow belt also...Very very cute, however not in the budget...not now...probably never...but again...cute! I'm sure somebody will go for it...
  11. I like how it's retail is 200 euros and they are selling here for more than double! :hysteric:
  12. Very cute, but as much as I love LV, I'd rather buy a bag with $600!
  13. Same here. If it were cheaper or I really had that much money to spare, I'd be all over it though.
  14. Gorgeous!
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