PFers missing in action

  1. I thought we could pool of knowledge of where everyone is!

    I miss:

    And coco-nut hasn't been on for a while. Come back and play with us!!!

    Who else is missing?
  2. Yes, I remember them! Come back girls! I also haven't seen SWEEDIE but I think she was getting married, so may just be off for a bit...
  3. AccessoryObsessory - where'd she go???!?!?!
  4. I can think of a few....I think we all take breaks here and there. There was a time I didn't post for a month because of my crazy schedule.
  5. Dani hasn't been here! Where are youuu? :smile:
  6. OMG- IntelSet I was thinking the same thing the other day!!! Where are these girls??

    Coco-nut has been on recently, but has been swamped. She is doing ok!

    Loganz has been seriously MIA and I miss her!
  7. That's right! I always liked her posts (and actually sometimes confused her w/ you Danica, until I got you guys straight from the avatars:smile:

  8. :cry: I've been missing Loganz too...

    We just got back from the vinyard and everything in general has been Hectic-City, and getting worse...I think a lot of people may be vacationing...or (like yours truly) are completely and totally swamped after returning from vacationing...
  9. I've been thinking this too, and missing these ladies.
  10. I was thinking the same thing
  11. I think I've seen Danica post in the last few days{?}
    I miss Loganz and I have noticed clananois missing as well :sad:
  12. Actually you might be confused with Dani and Danica, Danica has not been missing, she actually posted in this thread. Dani is MIA.:flowers:
  13. oh how hilarious! Obviously she is NOT missing then! LMBO!
  14. I think clanalois once mentioned in the LV sub forum that she's studying for her medical exam or something, that might explain why we haven't seen her???. I hope she's doing ok.
  15. i haven't seen hardLVcore! in a while....
    but that could very well be because i'm avoiding the LV sub forum (its bad for my wallet :angel:)
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