PFers missing in action -- remember these ladies?

  1. Bagnshoo where are yooou?
  2. Where's Kou???
  3. LOL, thanks! This place really has blown up. I remember when Cristina, Swanky, Amanda, etc., were all made moderators -- it was so small before there were no need for any!
  4. Where is Aslan?
  5. I remember her... koukiyama or something, right?

    The last I heard I think Hermes was causing her more stress than pleasure so she may have just stopped coming to PF. Didn't she also move back to Singapore?
  6. dude, i havent been on in soooo long.. and then i go in this thread thinking at first some of out tPFers got kidnapper or something. gosh, this thread title scared the hell outta me!!

    i miss all my tPFers!
  7. Does anyone remember elongreach??? I was on TPF like about 2 years and she used to help out with with MJ so much!
  8. Yes, I do remember her!
  9. I have seen elongreach in Relationships...
  10. Does anyone hear from Star? Miss her fab posts & outfits!
  11. Aww, vintage tPF! :nuts:

    I miss elongreach and Star! I love seeing Star's fabulous bag and clothing posts.
  12. Way back when.....:yes:
  13. So true! :yes:
  14. Bags posts in relationships at times, full of good advice.:p
  15. We should have a class of '05 thread.......:yes: