PFers missing in action -- remember these ladies?

  1. parkavenueprincess-where are you? I hope all is well with you and your baby!I miss you!
  2. I miss HiHeels, it's been several months! I thought Grands Fonds was still active at the H forum.
  3. i missed danica up until about a week ago when i figured out the only place she's been posting is the P&P subforum!! CONGRATULATIONS!! albeit a bit late. :smile:

    i always think people aren't here anymore but then i catch them somewhere i don't expect....this place has just gotten so big! it's made me keep a foot in more forums than i usually would because otherwise i wouldn't "see" anyone.
  4. I think Cristina was in the coach forum the other day...
  5. could you point me in that direction please. thank you.
  6. Does anyone remember star3777? She had an absolutely amazing thread in the handbag showcase that I used to drool over!
  7. ^^oh yes, she was about to pop...she got a new bag and then away she went... I hope she is OK!!
  8. Candace has been MIA for a few days I think. She must be busy studying for her tests. I haven't seen fatefullotus in a while too! :sad:
  9. I remember that yummy crocodile Birkin! I lurked in that thread and then when I saw the picture.. :drool:
  10. She probably is really busy..I hope we hear from her soon:sad:
  11. I contacted Passerby not long ago and she said she hadn't been here much, but didn't say why. She's such a dear person.

    Where is Marly? She was a great part of our BV subforum and she knew all about Tod's. I miss seeing more posts from Shimma and Tink, also.
  12. She's been hanging out in the MJ forum... I'm glad to see her in there!!
  13. I miss so many PFers. I have a list!

    Irene H_addict! Whereya been?
    Kelly (krkmjk
    Karman (shes in school though)

    The list would be longer if Project Runway wasn't on LOL

  14. I have been wondering where she went. She was trying to organize a New Orleans LV meet and I PM'd with her a bit. Turned out we had the same birthday. We talked about meeting on our bday on May 23, and then I got busy with my bday and family stuff and I hadn't heard from her since. Hope she's okay. She used to post a lot in LV.