PFers missing in action -- remember these ladies?

  1. I miss purseaddict79. I need up pm her and see how she's doing.
  2. Where did ShimmaPuff go? :search:
  3. ^I was wondering about her also.
  4. Anybody know where Beach Bum went????
  5. ^Doing 5k marathons, softball games, or taking care of the little one?
  6. ChaneLiz or something, don't know her or anything but I loved her CL outfits
  7. I thought I read she and her family went to France for the summer?
  8. Must have been a long summer... I believe she's been gone sine 2011!
  9. Me too! I confess that I actively looked for her posts in the Relationship forum. That was some real talk there! :smile:
  10. Oh my! I didn't realize it had been that long:push: I always enjoyed J's posts as well.
  11. The user who started this thread
  12. aw, I remember passerby... she was one of the very first friends I made on here...
  13. It were Vernislover's pictures that got me hooked here....
  14. I can't believe how many are missing. Every once in a while an old thread will get bumped up or I'll have reason to search an old thread for information and I'm just amazed at the number of IDs I remember, but haven't seen post in a long time.
  15. Yes! I loved her photography... We want her back !!