PFers missing in action -- remember these ladies?

  1. Swedie

    MandyM has had a few posts recently but she must be very busy with grad school!

    Swedie hasn't been here in forever -- wasn't she going to get married?

    And I miss shu. :s

    Anyone else unaccounted for that we'd like to see back?
  2. Cutestmomever...come back, I miss you!!!
  3. There are some mods I never see, Amanda, still here ladies?
  4. MandyM- I miss your posts!! I hope you are doing well with grad school!

    Maybe everyone is just busy? I hope everyone is doing well!
  5. I haven't seen any posts by ShimmaPuff lately...
  6. Has passerby been around?
  7. where's nerdphanie?
  8. I also wish I'd see more of coco-nut.
  9. I just saw a few post of hers in the celebrity section:smile:
  10. passerby! I was looking for her! and amamxr...
  11. Baggaholic?????
  12. Oy, where are you hiding girls?

  13. yeah where is Shimma Puff at? Haven't seen her in a while
  14. HubbaWubba?? :sad:

    ...I saw a S.K.B under her name :sad:
  15. Yeah. Vlad explained why in the Feedback section.