PFers I need your thoughts on this!

  1. I purchased an Azur cles back in November last year, and ok, so I admit that I don't really baby it (I've been using it for my car keys, so it gets banged around a bit :p )...but just today I was looking at it and some of the colour seemed smudged and the canvas has gone yellowish!:wtf:

    Has anyone else had this problem? Should I go back to LV to see if they can fix it or just sell it?

    I need help!!
    IMG_2736.JPG IMG_2737.JPG IMG_2739.JPG IMG_2740.JPG IMG_2717.JPG
  2. the smudging is from knocking it around, its just wear and tear, ou may be able to clean it up a bit. try some baby wipes on those corners. i dont see where its gone yellow, the color looks perfectly fine to me
  3. sirenized Thanks for the fast reply!

    I've tried babywipes, but it doesn't work :crybaby:

    Might just be the (good) lighting in the pictures, but it has definitely gone yellowish!:hysteric:
  4. I would try babywipes or a clean white towel with some very gentle soap - not too wet (like woolite). I do see a little yellowing, especially on the last picture, but it's not too bad - still looks pretty.
  5. Some just a tiny bit of delicate lingerie soap on a damp wet corner of the cloth. Rub gently on the affected area should remove some of the dirt. Which seems like wear and tear from our clothing. I don't see the yellowing and that might be due to your flash. Hope you get it clean. Good luck!
  6. Poor cles! Sorry that happened so quickly for you but I think that's just normal wear and tear since you keep your keys on it.
  7. poor lil baby azur cles... needs some TLC!
  8. Looks like normal wear to me.....It was made to be used...keep using it and enjoy it!:smile: It's a beauty!
  9. Yikes!! My only suggestion would also have to be baby wipes.
  10. It looks like normal use to me although in your pics it's not that yellow. It looks more like a stain. Just use it and enjoy it!:yes:
  11. I have same situation with my regular damier cles, I mean only rubbing on edges.
  12. looks normal to me. I wouldn't sell it, but if you don't love it anymore then it's your choice to let it go :yes:
  13. It still looks pristine! The wear on the corners LV won't do anything about since that is normal use, but if it's yellowed they may do something. I know there was a problem with white MC yellowing, that was a known defect and LV would replace your item...
  14. agree!
  15. Sorry to hear that. The pictures looks ok to me, but then again it might just be the pictures.