PFer's gorgeous Pistachio Twiggy

  1. Gorgeous twiggy. I love her rose twiggy too. She have lovely bags:drool:

    No international paypal????:crybaby:
  2. That is so pretty. No international paypal = No Pistachio Twiggy for me.:sad:
  3. giggles good luck with the sale...just as well there is no international Paypal, because I would be in official BBag debt!!:yes:
  4. I love that and want it but I am a little short on funds:sad:
  5. Pistachio is such a beautiful color! I recently got a Pistachio First, and I think it has become my favorite bag. I hope someone gives this Twiggy a great home!
  6. Thanks gals! Unfortunately paypal will not cover me if I accept International payments. I think the only place that I can accept from is the U.K. If you are from there let me know and I will double check for you. :yes:
  7. :yes: :yes: :yes: UK here. I have just sent you a PM.

  8. Gorgeous color! I love it!
  9. i love both your colors, they are awesome!!

    will you accept paypal from Canada?