PFers! Anyone who went shopping at Woodbury Commons yesterday?

  1. my mom said it was so crowded but shopping was great!!!;) do share your loot! what did ya get? :smile:
  2. Not I!!
  3. hehe my mom got me a gucci horsebit clutch for my birthday and a coach wristlet too. (she's the sweetest) and she said she had to wait in line outside at one time just to go inside gucci... there were lots of "booths/tables" outside the stores themselves too, selling good deals and super cheap stuff like nautica men's shorts for $9.00 outside the nautica store:smile:
  4. Wow.. sounds like some amazing deals!!! I'd love to see pics of what your mom got you- I love the Gucci Horsebit line... DROOL!
  5. I went to the Orlando outlets after going to the Mall of Millenia yesterday... the outlets were CRAZY, and what's worse was the huge thunder/lightning/rainstorm that came down hard (and its an oudoor-partially covered shopping center).
    Loved the Mall of Millenia MUCH better. If you ever find yourself in Orlando, pull yourself away from Disney and check out Millenia (it IS heaven...).
  6. ooohh.. i wanna got o florida!!!:smile:

    yup! im so excited too! will post pics in the gucci subforum when i receive them.:yes:
  7. Ohh I've always wanted to go there- I need a North Face coat for winter!
  8. oooh.. I miss going there.
  9. I was ! It was actually not so bad, Saturday was terrible - I had to run into Coach fast fast to buy an umbrella.
  10. I wish I was closer to Woodbury. I stop by there when I go to visit family but it is too far away with gas prices for day trips right now.
  11. AC outlets were croweded but there weren't amazing deal imo

    hubby got stuff but I did get to gamble
  12. I didn't go. I'm sad. One year I got a dozen Frette dinner napkins for $20. Later I saw them on Madison for 25 bucks EACH! The holiday sales there are just soo good.
  13. I did!! Had a lot of firsts, got my first Chanel bag! my first versace wallet, first furla mini skinny type thing, first coach watch and contacts case, and a swiss army knife. it was so overwhelming I didn't go clothes shopping, though I really wanted to hit Pacsun, like the shirts there better then the actual store. And I couldn't go to Lesportsac.. I really needed a makeshift messenger bag till I can find a decent one that can take me through classes, errands, and work because some idiot HIT a one of the crossing guards becuase he wouldn't let him make a left turn. so I was sitting in the car, waiting to be able to drive to the other side to make it there for 20 minutes before I moved 5 feet.. then next thing you know the guy isn't letting me turn to the parking lot and sends me out of there :sad:
  14. I went to tanger outlets no really good stores there except for off the 5th. I found a great pair of prada flats for $189 originally $595 and a pair of gorgeous Saks black ankle boots. You really have 2 look hard when you go to outlets and grab what you see before any1 else gets it:yes:
  15. wow aarti! congrats on all the firsts!!!;)