PF'er selling the black purse on ebay - Your entire auction was stolen!

  1. This is just too horrible
  2. It's been going on all week. I've sent out at least 6 e-mails to sellers notifying them. :sad:
  3. wow, i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one who does that :rolleyes:
  4. So what happens if you buy it? Do they send a fake black "purse" or an entirely different bag or nothing at all? Fortunately, I have never dealt with a scammer.
  5. I've been noticing tons of fakes lately on eBay. As in pages. IntlSet posted about it in the Chanel subforum, and when I was looking at both LV and Balenciaga last night, I had to sift through a few pages of fakes :mad: Is eBay becoming more lenient about this :censor: or something?
  6. I just did what another PFer suggested. I set my search for only $300 and above so most of the fakes don't come up.
  7. everyone NEEDS to watermark their photos!!! people are coming to this board dling our photos and posting them on ebay....

  8. Dumb question, how do you watermark your photos? :shame:
  9. after you resize your photos there should be a TEXT TOOL where you can type over your photos with your name tag in whatever size and color you want. there should be options to do this!
  10. thanks for the tip fayden, i'm gonna try it sometime :smile:
  11. I posted in response to an inquiry on the ebay board that danielleboutique was previously discussed as a seller of fakes (she was discussed on this forum too as such) and had my post deleted by ebay with an email chastising me for violating their policy! I then tried to repost a link to the prior discussion on the ebay board of danielleboutique as a seller of fakes and they deleted that too and sent me another email saying I had violated their policy! (And believe me, I said nothing profane, etc.--it sounded just like my posts here) I then emailed and asked what specifically I had done and that I needed clarification and have so far received no response, although both my posts were deleted within a couple of minutes.
  12. What about the photos that are already posted? Can we change them for the watermarked ones?
  13. I have always thought that danielleboutique sold fakes. When I was looking for a paddy I came across their auctions, but since I saw only stock photos, stayed far away :shocked:

    I wonder why eBay deleted your posts? Maybe because danielleboutique has tons of feedback and is a power seller? :huh:
  14. I am not at all surpised they removed your comments! I am sure it's not in their best interest to remove this auction! Just think about all the fees they will collect!:rant: eBay SUCKS!!!