PF slow to load lately?

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  1. Just wondering if PF is slow to load for anyone else. It's been happening to me starting um.. this week, I'd say. When I click on a thread, it's quite slow to load and the same when I post a full reply (not quick reply - these are relatively quick). When I push the back-button, that loads quick too. Just when viewing threads or full replying to them.

    I haven't changed any of my pc settings nor any of my firewall, anti-virus, anti-trojan, anti-spyware programs. Haven't downloaded anything new this week either. My regular web-surfing and other websites' load times are unchanged. Just PF I've noticed.
  2. And oops, add to that: it's slow also when starting a new thread, after I click the Post button down the bottom.
  3. I've actually noticed this today. Also, I cannot seem to use the "Search" function. Nothing happens when I click on it.
  4. Hey you're right. I tried search too and nothing.
  5. The search does seem to be busted in IE, indeed. Weird, I will look into it.
  6. Thanks Vlad:smile: Yeah, I'm on IE. Regarding the slow loading.. do you know if that a widespread/general problem or just isolated cases like myself and bagnshoefetish? Coz if it's isolated, could be our settings or firewall or something to do with our system.. tho as I mentioned, I haven't changed anything lately and websurfing elsewhere has been unaffected.
  7. mine isn't slow at all, but I miss Search! Actually, I can still use search if I RIGHT click on it and choose OPEN.
  8. Thanks SwankyMama for the search tip! Wow, that's so much better than that little box that normally comes up too. Didn't know u could open a whole search panel. That's terrific!

    Ok.. now to the slowness. Hmm, dunno what it is. I double checked my firewall (I'm with Zone Alarm Pro) and that sometimes likes to glitch on me but no.. my privacy settings and all are the same and everything else seem to work fine. Cleaned out my cache too.

    Anyone else finding it slow? Same? faster?? lol!
  9. Do you run a spy sweeper or have you defragg'ed lately? those can bog your PC down too.
  10. I defrag monthly and am due in about a week. This is a new PC so not much crap on it yet, lol! Defrag analysis always tell me there's no need to do it yet but I still go ahead. I do have Ad-Aware SE Pro with Ad-watch, Ewido anti-malware, Zone Alarm Pro, and Norton AV 2006. All systems running and with real-time monitoring. But I haven't changed anything nor are these newly downloaded. All other websites are still ok in terms of speed of loading.

    Only other thing I can think of is.. I've been posting a bit more this week. Also posting more pics. So, could that be it? I was wondering how the pics thing work? I've always just uploaded from my pc. Do we have a database where these are stored until we reach our capacity? I know on MSN communities, we are allowed I think 3 Megs of pic uploading. Beyond that, we can't post upload anymore pics until we do some housekeeping and delete some of the ones we've posted. How does the pic thing work here? And if that may be causing my slowness, how do I go about deleting some pics I've posted?

    Thanks! And I apologise for the long, boring post, lol!
  11. I have fixed the search, it should be back to normal again. Please let me know if you experience any more troubles with it.
  12. The delay that you might experience is probably due to the way Internet Explorer renders the page. With the additional column added to the right, the browser is waiting for the contents to load in that column before displaying the rest of the table. I will work on optimizing it, just be patient for a little longer.
  13. If I may suggest a far superior browser, get Firefox

    It renders the pages faster, is more secure and will help you avoid spyware and other malicious software that you may encounter on the web.
  14. The capacity is unrestricted as of now. Don't worry, we have plenty of space available. :P
  15. vlad.. whats weird was when i tried going onto PF site today around 2:30pm pacific time, it gave me an error message. 'the admin of this site needs something something something' I knew my comp and connection was ok as i was able to surf and go onto other sites normally. hmmmmm im glad it went back on quik.... id go crazy without my daily dose of PURSEFORUM!!!!