PF Reality

  1. Does the Purse Forum ever materialize into your life?

    The other day I was at my husbands mothers, we had the TV on, and for some reason across the screen some gibberish would pop up, and in one of the sequences were the letters PHH together. so immediately Purse hating hubby popped into my head!!:lol: I kinda laughed to myself, and told no one!!:shocked: hehe

    Then today I caught myself wondering how Swanky is doing. :flowers:

    So anyone else?
  2. i caught myself hoping swanky's doing ok today too!

    i have little PF moments all the time. but i also have random trains of thought. like today i was driving home from work and thinking i haven't seen one of my friends in a while. i should stop by and see her. she's about to have a baby, so i was thinking about what i should get her, then i remembered the thread someone started about their friend who just had a baby, which led to thinking about what diaper bag i would want if *i* had a baby (ha.). and how hard it would be to carry a heavy diaper bag AND a baby, and what if i space them like i want to and have a baby AND a toddler? which made me think about another friend who has three under three and two are twins. that's what made me think of swanky and wonder how she was doing, which led to how much i want to have some work done...i have to wait til i'm done having babies, which brought me back to my pregnant friend again...and at that point i was at my friend's house, so that was good. :lol:

    so basically, my head is just one big variation of that children's book "if you give a mouse a cookie..." heheh. :biggrin:
  3. lol Yes somewhat. Whenever I spot pretty purses I think of you guys, wondering if you would like them too. Also, I've established a great new friendship through the PF and I wonder how my new friend is doing everyday.
  4. Well, before the PF I had a life! LOL it's the second thing I go to after my emails!
  5. :love: awwwwwwwwwww, thank you Danica and ilzabet!!! what a sweet surprise for me to read!
    It's 4:34am and I was just up for a round of painkillers and decided to check in because I couldn't go back to sleep!
    tPF overflows into my life too, I am careful so as not to talk about people or events I read on here out of fear people will think I have all these imaginary friends! LOL!:lol:
  6. :lol: when i walk to work every morning... i think "i wonder what the girls have been talking about while ive been asleep" (timezone difference) and i get kinda worried when i havent seen some PF members on the boards for awhile.... :amuse: you all might not know it... but i consider u guys my friends... the ones that understand what its like being in LOVE with bags 24/7.
  7. Me too, me too!!

    And I made some great new friends through tPF and sometimes wonder what they'd think of the bags I see around town.
  8. I'm bad too - my BF is looking into buying a new digital camera - my immediate thought was - the girls on the forum will know which one to get - I told him to wait. I saw a fake LV nightmare the other day and I thought Louis Vuitton would turn over in his grave if he saw that - and can only imagine what the LV girls on the forum would think!!!!!!!!
  9. whenever i think about buying something that i'm not sure about, i always think 'i gotta ask the purse girls before i buy this.'
  10. Because I'm so new to the PF, it hasn't crept in yet; however, my past online experiences have. When I first started online in Yahoo games and learned the lingo, it was a chore to make sure I didn't add "lol" etc. to stuff I did at work. Then, when I was really into playing Literati (a scrabble type game), I often caught myself counting the point values in my head of different words people would say. I think I can say with all confidence, PF will soon do the same thing to me.
  11. Its so funny that we all do this. I visit the PF almost every single day, its amusing how it all sinks in.

    Swanky I also won't mention anything on here to friends...except my husband that is. Actually it was funny, the same day I saw Phh on the TV, DH's brother was there talking about Vera Bradley purses his girlfriend I asked DH "what is my dream purse?" and he couldn't tell me. *hmmpf* I since made him memorize it. haha