PF Morale Boost

  1. I thought I would take the opportunity to say some nices things about our lovely Purse Forum and the lovely gals and guys in it!

    I've only been here a few short months, but I've already become addicted, its the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I see at night. awwww! hehe

    I've managed to be in a situation that gives me ALOT of time on my hands, and i'm so thankful to have the PF to cure some of that boredom. :smile:

    I've learned so much since I've been here and I've found everyone to be so helpful and gracious for the most part.

    And last but not least, its been a pleasure meeting all of the wonderful people in here and getting to know you all.

    Feel free to spread the love!:idea:
  2. Yeah, this is a great place. This is the only forum I go to everyday.
  3. I agree...I spend way too much time here
  4. Great thread! It's the first time I've ever found a website/Forum and joined within minutes of perusing the posts . . . then I actually posting immediately after joining!
    LOVE tPF!
  5. Love this thread! I too want to say I am totally addicted to this place and not just because of the handbags, but because the people here are so amazing! Ok, the handbags are addictive, but I just love everyone here and have met some really wonderful people. I have learned a ton from everyone and appreciate all of the great advice I have received.

    I hope that I have been as good to you, as you all have been to me!
  6. Great idea Danica, Lets not forget why we all joined . :love:
  7. This is a wonderful place. I love everyone in this forum :love:
  8. Good thread Danica, I personally needed this!
    I too really like seeing all the really great bags (especially the super expensive ones I'll probably never own!) and reading all the interesting threads about lifestyles and such. I love learning about what to look for when buying certain designers. I love Pradasmeadow's questionaires, and the general sense of humor on the threads. (I'm a wise cracker if you couldn't tell by now) You can really see ones personality emerge through postings. I do have fun on this forum and enjoy conversing with every one of you.
  9. I joined the PF to discuss my favorite things in the world, bags. But what I got in return was much much more than what I signed up for. I learned to appreciate things in different perspective from views over the world and find myself asking questions to my fellow PFers when I don't know where to turn to. Thank you PF! :amuse:
  10. Great thread at a perfect time- I remember why Vlad and I started the forum (I begged him forever for the blog and then a forum for people *like me* to join). I wanted it to be a place where people could talk about purses and anything and everything else. I have really made some great cyber-buddies!!
  11. Well I was addicted to Megs taste and only noticed the forum after, which is a reflection of how amazing the blogsite is!:love:
  12. Awesome thread! I love the PF. I have become hopelessly addicted. I was so happy to find others who share my handbag obsession. My taste has changed dramatically (in a good way) since coming here.
  13. Yes Bagns, I had definately noticed !! plus I always look forward to your post/answers. :lol: :love:
  14. AWwwww thanks!! I love to hear that someone actually likes my taste!!!! :love:

    I love yours by the way ;) :love:
  15. My sentiments echo many voices that have responded thus far. This is truly a great forum! I have learned so much regarding various handbags. It is always nice to see what others have purchased and the willingness to share information about authentic vs. replica has been invaluable to me.

    SOOOOO.... A great big Thank You to all!! :biggrin: