PF meeting for people in the DC Metro area?

  1. Hello all!

    Inspired by some of the other meetings in other parts of the country, I'd like to propose a meeting of PFers in the DC Metro area. I think we have a solid number, and would love to meet and talk shop ;) . Anyone else in? Maybe we can all meet up for brunch (we love our brunches down here) somewhere in DC?
  2. I'm in DC, it sounds like fun to meet up. Brunch is a great idea.
  3. Awwwww man!

    I used to live in the metro area (Annapolis, MD), but just moved :sad:
  4. Really, I live in Crofton, MD....used to really really close to you.

    I work in DC, Count me in - sound like fun
  5. I live in northern virginia...I'll try to go it depends on what day its on!
  6. Count me in too :biggrin: i also live in the d.c area :biggrin:
  7. Here Here ~Arlington VA

    I'm definitely up for brunch!!!

    Sounds like a fabulous idea!!!
    Thanks SuLi
  8. I actually lived in Arnold - but nobody ever really knows where that is, so I just say Annapolis, lol!
  9. Keep me updated on plans:smile: I live in PA but am occassionally in DC to visit family members, so could possibly try to coordinate a visit with a meeting!
  10. Very familiar with Arnold :smile:

    I have the same problem with Crofton.... I usually say close to Baltimore/Annapolis
  11. I live in Owings Mills, MD and I'm definitely interested. It's about time us MD/DC/VA folks got together.
  12. I'm in DC too. Let me know.
  13. Ditto. Count me in as well (good job SuLi!)
  14. Yay! I'm glad that some people are interested. The only thing now is to decide on a date and place. How about Sunday, July 16th? I would love to heard some suggestions from people. One of my favorite brunch places in DC is called Tabard Inn, near the Dupont Circle area. They make really delicious donuts! Here is a link to a sample brunch menu:

    The only drawback is that the place is small, and I'm not sure if it can accomodate all of us.

    I also really like Clyde's, and I've been dying to head out to their Gallery Place (I know it's a bit touristy - both the area and the restaurant) outpost because I've heard it's really nice.

    Other suggestions ladies? I think any place that takes a reservation would be key!

    Can't wait to see what all of you think!
  15. Just as long as the place is walking distance from the metro, I am willing to meet anywhere. Parking can be such a pain, and imagine if alot of us are trying to park.