PF Meet in London, England? has there ever been one?

  1. Erm, subject line is pretty self-explanatory ;) (bit like those headlines that go "Nun arrested for hitting Local Mayor with cucumber" LOL) but has there ever been one here?:smile:

    Did a search and didn't see nuffink.:sad:

    I'm a Londoner through choice (and extreme sacrifice of £££'s for the rent LOL) and would love to know if anyone's ever planning anything, say Selfrides, a few boutiques/designer stores, then the American Bar in the Dorchester to paw over purchases?:smile: (I can dream:love: )


  2. I don't think there's been one, but maybe some ladies would be interested.

    Seriously, if I can get this past the PHH I'll be there but am tied up until October. Cal needs a dose of English.....and a Kebab!
  3. I don't think so but think it would be a fab idea!!:yahoo:
  4. Hmmn, it's my birthday October 26th.... I will need to buy handbags with the money my loved ones will reward me with, for the incredible task of not dying this year;) - okay then I will venture to say anyone up for a PF meet, say 1pm Central London, 28/29 Oct or 4/5 Nov and then up for a (no casual/grunge clothes!) drinkiepoos in the Dorchester's bar, mail/PM me, or post here (I just DID manage to subscribe for this thread! YAY!)?:yes:


    Or am I just being bossy gal and no-one likes me....:sad: :crybaby: :nuts:

  5. Sounds fab - I am favouring the November weekend myself but may manage to be flexible and don't worry I don't own any grunge clothing LOL!
  6. Wow, that'd be so cool!:yahoo:

    I'll add your name to the list, or something (in a non-scary way LOL):smile:

    Anyone?;) 'Twould be good, there are Chanel boutiques and places that we could go, and then the Dorch'...?:smile:

    How about a Guy Fawkes day that is more about buying brilliant purses than "penny for the guy"?:rolleyes:

  7. Sounds fab! Will have to start a purse fund as we need to do some serious shopping!!:yahoo:
  8. oooh yes, we spoke about it in the is anybody from the UK thread a while back.

    We were thinking of the 5th floor at Harvey Nics for a nice lunch and then a lovely mooch around the bags and lovely stuff below ;)

    I think there are a few of us UK people (we do exist!) :biggrin:

    It would be great to meet up and chat girlie bags and shoes all day :smile:
  9. iiinteresting. i have been on other messageboards' meets but never a pf one. if i'm in the country i just might show up ;)