PF ladies in PARIS - What handbags do you see?

  1. DH and I are planning a trip this summer and it got me thinking about Paris and handbags (of course).

    I was hoping that some PF members live or have visited recently and could report the bags/styles/colors they see the most!

  2. *bump* : )
  3. I have been there only in december but from what I hear from a lot of friends who live in Paris, the Charlotte by Gerard Darel is everywhere, it's crazy but I can't tell you more...I am moving back in 2 weeks to stay, I will tell your when I am there. Maybe some other girls who live in Paris rigth now can help...
  4. ^^I've never seen that bag. What does it look like?
  5. Nini is correct.One of the very popular bags right now is the charlotte. My girlfriend has been living there for a while and that is their it bag for the moment. I will try and find a link or a pic.
  6. beauxgoris this is a charlotte:love: (Look also at my avatar)
  7. If you do a search on the forum, you wil find a lot of threads about this bag. It has been discussed a lot. It is a very simple bag but with lovely leather and the brand is quite famous in France mostly for clothes originally.
  8. I love that bag - and at such a great price I had to purchase one!!
  9. Okay - I actually ended up purchasing 3 - oh well!
  10. That's so funny, beauxgoris!