PF Experts! Help me identify Sarah Jessica Parker's bag

  1. Calling all PF detectives! :smile: I was watching the movie The Family Stone on dvd this past weekend, and I have fallen in love with the black handbag Sarah Jessica Parker's character wore. :heart:

    The bag is black all over except for a rectangular metal clasp on the front, and overall has a sort of slouchy look to it. It's more like a shoulder bag with two thin leather straps to carry and the shape from the side view is more of a soft rectangle. The bag makes 3 appearances in the movie, one in the very beginning when she is shopping at Henri Bendel, the second when she meets Diane Keaton, and the final where she is having a fight with Luke Wilson.

    I have attached a few images, the one I took is of her fighting with Luke after he got out of the shower. There is some glare because I just photographed my tv screen. You can see the best view of the bag as SJP's hand is raised up.

    To me it kind of looks like a Jimmy Choo, Valentino or a Marc Jacobs, what do you all think? I hope it's not custom made for the movie, as I would love to purchase it!
    scott_familystone1.jpg aaa.jpg IMG_3725.JPG
  2. I think this was in another thread before, but it's Prada and they have it in the store right now. :biggrin: Look, I have a picture of it from the store.
  3. It is Prada for sure
  4. Cute bag!
  5. That movie was brutal! I liked it, but the scene at the dinner table was a bit over the top. Anything with SJP is good in my book!
  6. Thanks everyone!!!!! I :heart: this forum!