Peytons at outlets?

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  1. Hello, Im looking for peytons color gray or white. When I had the chance I didn't grab them because they are very large but I'm thinking I can use it more like a travel bag and also for school since it's big so now all of them are way too much on eBay and bonanzle. Please let me know if you see one at your outlet
  2. I saw the new MFF peytons at the outlet in Aurora IL today. They were $349 minus the 20% coupon. They had gray patent, white patent, and berry leather. They also had some of the matching wallets with legacy lining for $109 minus 20%.
  3. Thank you katev. I hope I can find them
  4. There are two : pearlized green and fuschia posted in Deals & Steals thread from a very lovely TPF-er! Very reasonable price!

    Both are Boutique version!
  5. The sad thing is many of the outlets did not get these bags. So many who wanted one did not have access to get one.
  6. Has anyone seen the FP deletes at their outlet, I bought the MFF's but I really want an FP in either black, or gray patent, or fuschia leather.
  7. I returned a Fushia non-MFF on Saturday? I think at Lburg...
  8. Thanks, I hope its still there pink would make for a perfect Valentines gift, I got my fingers crossed.
  9. Buffalo had them. MFF version though. I bought one, love it.
  10. Thanks again Bunny, they had it in both the pink and the grey patent, but the SA seemed to be annoyed when I requested a FP instead of a MFF. I also noticed that when calling to a couple other outlets. One of the SA had the nerve to ask my why I wanted an original and what was the difference because the look the same. I was thinking if thats what I want as a consumer that's really none of your business. But I nicely replied that I wanted to add a FP to my collection. She still seem dissatisfied.
  11. :shucks: :pout: O'h no they don't do charge sends. Getting an FP is getting kinda hard. I guess I should just be happy with what I have.
  12. There's one on Bonanzle for $300 OBO + Free shipping!
  13. If it were the color I want I'll snag it. However I got one from eBay at 280
  14. can I ask how to tell the diference when I am there? I saw one I like but was curious about it being a mff or not. the sa was not helpful.
  15. While I love the leather on the FP ones, the MFF do feel lighter, which can helpful for a bag that size!