Peyton tote

  1. So....I just bought an MFF Peyton Tote in peony (F14523). When I looked it up online I found that there is also a FP Peyton tote in Peony with the same creed number (14523). When comparing the pictures with the FP one I can't see a single difference, even the lining is the same. Has anyone seen this with other bags??? BTW, my MFF bag has a (very faint) bullseye on it.

    I love this bag whether it's FP of MFF, it's exactly what I was looking for & I can't wait to use in when I travel!

    I'm so curious. I guess I didn't notice this bag when it came out, though I remember the inlaid peytons.
  2. They remade the tote and now it is MFF - Not sure if they changed anything and not sure why it is selling for the same price as the FP was last year. I saw some MFF Peyton's at my store on Thursday.
  3. sesamite, can you post a picture of your new Peyton Tote? I wanted to purchase a tote as a gift for someone but not sure if I saw these at Riverhead. TIA :biggrin:
  4. Both versions were exactly the same - and the cause of much disappointment to ladies who bought them on the understanding they were to be be a limited edition.

    Enjoy your new bag :smile:
  5. Sorry - wrong tote, these were not limited edition.....
  6. Did u say that ur Peyton has a bullseye on it? If it does, then it is the FP version - just the delete sent to the outlet! MFF bags don't have bullseyes on the creed.
  7. If the creed has an F in front of the serial number then it is FACTORY made - some stores are thinking that they are FPs so they are still adding the bullet -

    Most of the ones that I saw had Fs and bullets -outlets did not know that they were remade for Factory
  8. Interesting!!! I thought that they only put the F on the creed patch for MFF and the bullseye on the deletes! Thats crazy! Thanks for the info!
  9. Correct - but most outlets are not aware the they remade the Peytons so they are thinking they are FPs - One outlet had the Alex patent tote in with the FPs and I asked why and the MANANGER said because it is a delete - I said hmmmmm - it looks like an FP but the creed says different - she said - yes you are correct -

    I have been double checking the new remakes to make sure they are FPs and not MFF.
  10. Thanks for the heads up - I guess we will all have to start looking at the creeds to double check to make sure we know what we are purchasing! Esp with similar lines!
  11. This isn't mine and it's the FP one but I seriously can't find a single difference:

    I am loving it more & more each's huge so it won't be my everyday bag forever, but for now I can't resist it. There were 3 of them at Riverhead. One of them had some chipping on the rings that hold the handles so if you go for it double check all the rings.
  12. Thank you guys for confirming that they are the same....I though I was crazy b/c I couldn't find any differences. Usually I can spot the differences between an FP and it's MFF counterpart.
  13. When you click on the link to see pic, it states listing has been removed. Can't see the bag:nogood:
  14. And I realize, yet again, why we are such incredible enablers to one another!!! I am heading to the outlets tomorrow...and now I am sooooo excited about possibly finding a Peyton (FP, MFF, or otherwise!) that I cannot stand it!!! And, if I found one in the peony...honestly- my day would be made!!! Thank you ladies!!!!