peyton small and large retail prices and measurements?

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  1. i'm seeing different retail prices and measurements everywhere for the Peyton Inlaid C Tote! help?
  2. I can't remember who had the thread about the two Peytons. I am searching but not finding anything yet. And Google is pretty worthless - I can't find anything there either. I can't even find an item number for the other size.
  3. double post.. sorry
  4. Thanks, wis3ly. I have looked for 20 minutes and couldn't find it.
  5. Yes I believe that the large inlaid peyton was $498 and the style #14511 and the small one is $398 and #14516.

    The large was 16 1/2L by 13 1/2 H by 7W
    and the small 14 1/4 (L) x 12 1/4 (H) x 6 (W)
  6. Does anyone happen to know the style numbers for both? I know the one that retailed for $398 is the 14516. What's the other?
  7. Thanks, girl - you are AWESOME!!! :hugs:
  8. Oh the sizes aren't that much different...they are both pretty generous.
  9. Yeah, I have the smaller Peyton in the plain black leather, and that thing holds SO much! It's my work back, because I can carry it in uniform, and it holds everything I carry every day, plus all my military stuff and a couple of folders full of work. It's very slouchy which I don't care for in a tote, but the inlaid is patent, so it stands up on it's own - it's very structured.