peyton sightings at outlets?

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  1. just wondering if anyone has seen any peytons popping up at the outlets? thanks!:confused1:
  2. i got a gunmetal at mine. It was around $530 (30% off of around $769). I'm considering returning because I am not 100% in love with it, and worry about flaking.
  3. thank you for the update! i think i remember a post about the gunmetal one not wearing well. might have been baglady who posted. thanks again.
  4. Bunny just got a blue croco Peyton at the outlet. I am so jealous!!
  5. just saw that! pretty exciting. congrats bunny!
  6. That gunmetal the same that was used on the capacity wristlet I have in my gallery? I know my wristlet doesn't have the nice legacy lining...
  7. Yep, unexpected location and item!
  8. Black and red Patent Peyton's at the Aurora outlets in OH last week....I would have splurged if I saw a pink one, but no luck!
  9. Surprising, as tysons galleria still has them FP on the shelves, saw them last week! /crazy
  10. What I thought was odd was that they looked a little unstructured, or "soft" or something. They definitely don't stand up as well as your new blue croc peyton, bunny!
  11. Well, she had stuffing in her, but nothing to say the ones you saw hadn't been overly roughly WOMANLY handled :smile:
  12. Saw a black patent leather Peyton at Carlsbad outlet in CA today... and the gunmetal Peyton at the Las Americas outlet a few weeks ago (but it had a small scratch through the metalic surface on the front of the bag and they'd only give off an additional 15% :tdown:).
  13. Black and red patent Peytons are at the Queenstown, MD outlet.
  14. ^^Picked the red one up there and Loooove it!!

  15. How much are they going for?