Peyton Question

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  1. I'm really liking the style of this bag. It sort of reminds me of the LV Manhattan PM, which I love and I have been considering getting but not until later in the year. But now that I see the Peyton I sort of want that as well. My question is, will the Peyton still be available come Nov/Dec and will it be available in black or brown leather? Also which does everyone like better? The Peyton or Manhattan PM?

    I've attached a pic of the manhattan

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  2. I like the peyton its avail in saddle right now a light brown. I ordered it in alantic-teal color. These are limted edition bags I know some one posted about the patent coming out in oct so these should be avail for a while at least thru the legacy/ bleecker store.
  3. I love the Manhattan GM,:drool: that's the one bag I've wanted for a while but everytime I came close to buying it, I talked myself out of it and bought something else. The price keeps increasing too!!:crybaby:

    Now that you mention it, the Peyton does remind me of the Manhattan style. I like them both, but if I had to choose, I'd go for the LV!
  4. I like the LV! Very pretty!
  5. I'd go with the Manhattan PM if it was me.
  6. I'm not an LV fan, so I have to vote for Peyton! I have had 3 of them because I returned the gunmetal because the metallic rubbed off in a day! I would avoid that one, but the fuchsia and atlantic are gorgeous!! Right now other than the colors, there is also saddle available. It's very pretty, and if I get another one, it will be this color probably!! Check out momofgirl's saddle Peyton!

    Initially they told us that there were only 30 or less in the atlantic and saddle, but they have stocked more. There is supposedly about 200 each, and who knows...they may stock more! I'm trying to find that out because the bags are stamped limited edition, and they are Bleecker Street items. I'll post when I have more info!